4 simple tips for business owners that can be game-changing

Being a Business Owner or Senior Executive can often be pretty lonely – from the challenges of making decisions to the stress of needing to always be present, to the uncertainty of balancing the books every month, it can often feel like you’re doing this on your own.

But how do you find support and make connections? Unfortunately, the amount of information can be overwhelming - search Google for “small business help” and you’ll find over 5 million hits!  

Most of these pieces are copies of or are paraphrased (the act or process of restating or rewording) from some other pieces or the copy of a piece…and so on. Many have good information but, I wonder:

How many have…

• Been small business owners/entrepreneurs?

• Experienced sleepless nights because of the fear of keeping the doors open and their own bills paid?

• Closed their doors and have had to declare bankruptcy?

• Worry about how this affects their staff and families?


• Believed to their core that giving up is not an option?

• Stumbled but turned things around and succeed on a scale they never imagined because of the lessons they learned?

• Failed, climbed back up, and succeeded again?

Being an entrepreneur is exhilarating but can be very scary for you, your family, staff, and everyone around you. So here are some simple tips that can be game-changing - from one who has been there. These four things I am going to tell you may play a bigger part in your success than all of the advice given by those who have not been in our shoes.

1. Find a group of “Kindred Spirits.”

Being a small business leader or entrepreneur can be isolating. Get off of your island – find others that are in a similar situation that you can talk with – listen to them, let them listen to you, exchange ideas and lessons, commiserate with them. Look for local small business associations or even visit other small businesses to cultivate relationships with someone who has similar, but non-competing, goals.

2. Enjoy your family and friends, your hobbies, and your sleep time.

Same as having a group of kindred spirits, having family and friends time is imperative in life. They make you happy and fulfilled. Doing what you love helps you stop ruminating about the things that can wait.

Additionally, sleep deprivation has sacrificed many employers, employees, and company results. If you have to think when falling asleep, keep a pen and paper on your nightstand – write it down and forget about it until the morning. Oh, and turn off and tune out all technology, social media, and any bright electronics before going to bed – as a result, you will find sleep comes easier.

3. Why Are You Doing That?

This simple exercise can be a game-changer for you, seriously. List everything you do every day – It may seem like a huge undertaking, but it will be well worth your time. Literally list each and every activity, big and small.

Put each activity in one of the four boxes below:

What you love doing – great at

This is one of the reasons you are doing this. You wake up in the morning thinking about it. It energizes you. You either are or want to be the best at this.

What you like doing – good at

You have done this for a long time or it is an activity necessary for your duties as an owner. You are good but it does not energize you like a task you love.

What you do NOT like doing – am good at

You may be good to very good at these tasks, but your distaste for it may result in procrastinating in getting these activities completed.

What you do NOT like doing – am NOTgood at

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners experience this. These are activities that suck the life out of you but you do not believe you have the staff bandwidth to designate to. This is the main driver of why so many business owners lose their passion.

I Don’t Have to Do What I Hate?

No. Don’t have the experience in-house or can’t afford to hire full-time expertise?

Look at temporary, contract workers. Have you ever used a virtual online tool like Upwork?

4. What May Be the Most Valuable Recommendation Anyone Can Give – STOP IT!

Why did you start your business?

Passion…Knowledge…Expertise. Probably more than that.

Making excuses?


STOP IT! For a funny clip, check out Bob Newhart’s “Stop It!” (

These changes will not happen overnight. However, you will find that the increase in your productivity will provide new strength and energy to you and your company.

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