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An Unforeseen Tragedy in 2020

Handling an unforeseen tragedy in 2020. Problem/Issue:

  • 25 year old family-owned business with revenue in the $5-10M range.

  • Sudden death of owner who sold and maintained 80% of the accounts.

  • Recently, the company lost their biggest client.

  • Out of $1.5M inventory about $1M of it was out-of-date and would have to be salvaged.

  • The company owned building and real estate.

  • Relationships in the family were lukewarm.

  • The spouse and children did not want to maintain the business and wanted to sell the business, building and real estate.


  • Develop a relationship based on trust with each family member.

  • Determine the value of all assets individually and collectively

Appraisals from licensed entities for land and building

Verify inventory value including salvage amount for dead inventory.

Value for fixed assets

  • Review of financials

Past three years up to current

A/R, Cash Flow and the Balance Sheet

  • Identify potential buyer(s) for all assets.

  • Provide options to estate

  • Received authority level from family for estate negotiations


In the first 30 days we identified a potential buyer and after negotiations with the estate the package of business, building and real estate settled for an amount that was 12% higher than what the family authorized. Cash was in the estate within 180 days

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