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Does This Sound Like You?

Does this sound like you?

If you’re a busy CEO—of a startup, an ailing company, or a newly acquired firm in the $3 to $30 million range—at least one of these questions has been giving you the night sweats ...

  • How am I going to scale to $50 million?

  • My company’s sales are sinking faster than the Titanic … how can I salvage my clients?

  • How am I supposed to turn this faltering acquisition around?

  • How can I find the right replacements for my CTO, CFO … and maybe my CMO?

  • How do I turn my cash-flow concerns into a strategic advantage?

  • How do I make more money and spend less, at the same time?

  • Where do I find the right technology to run our business better and faster?

  • How do I get a better handle on our expenses and cash flow?

  • What’s the secret sauce to motivating my team who actually roll their eyes when I say ‘strategy’?

  • How can I become a better leader, like two months ago?

  • How do I communicate our new brand vision to our employees, customers, vendors and stakeholders?

  • How can I shift my operation to accommodate teleworking?




I’ll be your Chief Vision Officer.

​​With 20 years of strong executive leadership and high emotional intelligence, I turn companies around within a matter of months. Businesses hire me to engineer large-scale transformations around cash flow, operational technology, and people. The results? Brands that move forward with a new sense of purpose, propelled by profitability, and the right people and processes.


I’ll reinvigorate your team.

I’m the outspoken, frank leader who’ll review your team’s performance. I’ll make sure that your firm places the right people in the right roles. One of my superpowers? Building morale, and inspiring people to get excited about coming to work everyday so they produce and get promoted.


Want me to do the talking? aka Crisis Communications.

Is your company in crisis mode? Do you need to get a big message out? You can hire me to Visioneer a strategic large or smaller scale communications plan to get the word out to your customers, shareholders, employees, vendors, and the public.


Let’s make teleworking and distance learning work for you.

As a virtual work and education expert, I review and revitalize your employees’ or learners’ remote experiences for the best possible outcomes. I have two decades of experience as a virtual educator, board chairman and thought leader in moving education for young people and adults 100% online to fit new needs.


Hire me to speak and teach.

Companies bring me into keynote and offer virtual seminars on many business-building (and bending) topics. I educate about launching, scaling and sustaining business. If you’re new to the brave new world of telework, I train your managers to motivate and your employees to produce in a virtual workplace. Leading in a post-pandemic economic climate will be challenging: I talk about how to network, plan and execute in this new normal. Finally, as virtual reality, robotics and AI become much more than buzzwords, I can provide a future look at how these new technologies will affect your business model and supply chain.



Selected Transformation Highlights:

  • Overhauling an ailing brand’s operations: Transformed a previous $2 billion iconic retail brand, with 3 million SKUs and 200 stores in 21 states, into an eCommerce powerhouse by implementing a crisis management plan and a brand model strategy that integrated new technology, resulting in a cash flow uptick within months.

  • Dramatically increasing a brand’s fans: Led a team that executed multi-channel lead-generation campaigns to increase a music brand’s customer base by 450,000 eager buyers in six months.

  • Launching an eCommerce platform shoppers love: Conceptualized, planned and executed an original niche model in the eCommerce and direct marketing retail space. A Wall Street Journal survey of retail experts and average shoppers named this site in a list of favorite consumer shopping sites, alongside Amazon and eBay.

  • Turning businesses around as a regular course of action: Led a multimillion-dollar initiative for a brand that dramatically increased real revenue by 401% and jumped EBITDA from 14% to 19% in less than one year.

  • Sparking economic growth and change: Founded a Startup Grind chapter in partnership with Google for Startups, connecting my local entrepreneurial community to more than 3.5 million entrepreneurs in 125 countries.

  • Negotiated deals in the tens of Millions.

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