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Richard Flynn - Bio

For over 20 years Richard Flynn has built a distinguished record of achievement as a global business leader, a consultant to small and large businesses and has worked with trade organizations throughout the world. He is a creative thinker of broad knowledge and wide interests. Sectors include technology, consumer, eCommerce, retail, financial services, non-profit, education, and legal.

Richard is an ingenious and innovative problem-solver and troubleshooter. He has an actively inquiring mind, a lively interest in all aspects of his work, and a need to know and learn more about the systems, techniques, facts, and concepts involved in it. Richard immediately sees illogical and inefficient procedures and policies, develops and implements comprehensive systems which solve organizational and financial problems. This results in opportunities for expedited revenue streams and cost-cutting measures evidenced in a corporate turnaround that increased revenue by greater than 400% and decreased costs by 30% in less than one year.

His leadership style consists of the development of both business and individual successes.  He has mentored several direct reports that advanced to senior leadership positions. By providing a clear vision, direction, calm demeanor, and flexibility his teams reach optimum performance. He is a student of leadership and methods that enhance its value with the most recent being EOS/Traction.​

At Tower Records, he took an iconic brand in financial distress and developed a business model that turned them into an eCommerce powerhouse with additional revenue streams in-licensing and partnerships.  He funded the functional operations through the negotiation of contracts and cost-cutting measures of unprofitable divisions throughout the company.  He began his career in the mass litigation sector negotiating class action suits for a $3 Billion Trust Fund and created a pioneering Audit program that increased the fund size for meritorious claims.​

He serves as Board Chairman of Virtual Preparatory Academy of Pennsylvania founded by the pioneer in the online education sector, Ron Packard. He also sits on the Music Industry & Recording Technology Advisory Board at York College of Pennsylvania, and sits on several business boards and advisory committees.

Richard earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Slippery Rock University and is currently attending The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) in Leadership in the 21st Century, Managing and Motivating Talent, Managing the Global Firm and Strategic Management: Competitive and Corporate Strategy.

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