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Rainmaker. Virtual Work Expert. Visionary Educator, Speaker and Advisor. 

Strategic Advisory Executive, REF GROUP / TRUE ADVISORY GROUP

  • Multiple industry Subject Matter Expert consulting with multi-national corporations engaged in commercial enterprise, private equity, investment banking and leveraged buyout, addressing their most complex strategic challenges to create better, more informed, business decisions that result in improved outcomes – all within a rigorous compliance framework.

  • Served as Lead Advisor to advise multinational hedge fund on multichannel solution expertise, resulting in client acquisition of $170M

  • Served as Turnaround Executive who led a division of a $50M corporation which increased real revenue by 401% and increased EBITDA from 14% to 19% in less than one year.  Transitioned to senior Mergers & Acquisition team and eventual sale of the company.

  • Invited speaker for multi-national events. Topics include launching a startup and scaling, leadership, virtual platform in business and education.

  • Mass litigation negotiator with $60M authority and settlements

  • Member of Gerson Lehman Group and The Society of Industry Leaders (Guidepoint Global)


  • Elected President of the founding Board of Trustees.

  • Preside at all meetings of the Board of Trustees.

  • Represented school in public hearings in front of Pennsylvania Department of Education.

  • Development of Mission and Purpose.

  • Elect Officers and other members.

  • Development of oversight of the school.

  • Negotiate and manage contracts with vendors.

Chapter Director/Founder, STARTUP GRIND (non-profit)

  • Mentored local tech entrepreneurs in partnership with Google For Startups, Oracle for Startups, Chase Inc, Intuit, CBRE resulting in funding and launch of grassroots startups.

  • Hosted fireside chat interviews, pitch contests, mixers, networking events and panel discussions with local tech entrepreneurs, public leaders’, founders, investors, and CEOs resulting in development of strong support network.

  • Provided subject matter expertise and network for eCommerce tech startup that obtained financing through these contacts resulting in a launch date. 

  • Worked with Mayor and Economic Ecosystem Builder to build local infrastructure aimed at serving a diverse population and equal access to support, education and financial opportunities for the startup journey ahead.

National Mentor, SEED SPOT  (non-profit)

  • Mentorship of early-stage entrepreneurs in partnership with globally ranked social impact incubator and accelerator.

  • I mentor early-stage impact-driven entrepreneurs from SEED SPOT's network on the personal and professional challenges of running a business including strategy, goal setting, time management, business development, and work-life balance.

Director of Product ALL THINGS MUSIC PLUS+    

  • Influencer in the entertainment industry.

  • Released digital product “All Things Music Plus+” across a variety of direct-to-consumer digital platforms, resulting in organic content reach of over 5M+/month.

  • Managed holistic development of content platform and blog as well as technical implementation, scaling product across global media ecosystem up to 1M post-engagement interactions.


  • Successfully led Apple-affiliated large consumer electronic firm to first profitable month in 2 years in first 6 months, resulting title of Premier Apple Partner in FY 2016.

  • Successfully conducted deep dive operations review and integrated improvement processes into the current state of newly purchased companies as per long-term objectives and targets.

  • Collaborated with multi-functional units, external resources and senior leadership teams to drive enhancements to all functions and process/procedures.

  • Guided a comprehensive overhaul of the platform, front end eCommerce sites and marketing.

  • Developed processes, technical integration and marketing automation between eCommerce, phone sales, brick n' mortar retail, mobile, catalog and direct mail.

  • Role focused on development, multi-functional operations, marketing, strategic planning, cross-functional team, sales, leadership, and Q&A.


  • Collaborated on and directed technical aspects, including delivery of the product to major retailers. Align global operations through the execution of measurable strategies and implementation of strong programming, driving business objectives and revenue goals. 

  • Utilize business development to increase brand awareness and grow the client base at a global level. 

  • Allocate costs and manage budgets for programming, while directing program phases and projects including full-cycle account development, marketing, and sales solution selection, implementation, and service delivery.

  • Provide strategic oversight for key company-wide initiatives, serving as an advisor and counselor with respect to service design and development, marketing and sales, strategic planning, competitor evaluations, and analyses, and brand marketing.

  • Examine risks and synergies supporting the ultimate investment decision, executing a planned and controlled rollout design, to ensure stable operation of the organization’s assets.

  • Foster innovation and prioritize strategic plan and operational initiatives, coordinating evaluation deployment, and management of current and future policies and systems across the organization.


  • The Challenge:
    As an iconic music retail brand headed into the busy holiday shopping season, the management team wasn’t quite in the seasonal spirit. Serious cash-flow and credit issues limited the brand from investing in enterprise technology. This, in turn, threatened the timely delivery of music gifts to customers the world over. Bottom line: This world-renowned brand was teetering.

    Over the next two years we reconstructed the company to a pure-play affiliate model that resulted in a distressed company with 10% EBIDTA.  The restructure included renegotiation of vendor contracts and debt service (resulting in an immediate $750,000 influx of cash), staffing, real estate, inventory control, sales, customer, and marketing.

  • Result:
    With a robust customer focus we refreshed the brand while gaining 450,000 new customers in six months.

  • Transformed Tower Records ($1B annual revenue; 3M SKUs; 200 retail stores in 21 states) into an Ecommerce powerhouse through implementation of crisis management and execution of brand and model strategy that integrated new technology with initiatives that were integral to the brand (Executive Editor – new PULSE! Magazine online).

  • Drove oversight of crisis communication, public relations, reestablishing vendor, customer and press relationships.

  • Reviewed and negotiated franchise contracts; identified potential investors; increased presence and profitability within the targeted space.

  • Cut costs by $750,000 within the first quarter through contract renegotiation, process improvement and other measures.

  • Served as Principal Executive for complex upgrade project from a brick-and-mortar to online operations (

  • Launched a comprehensive marketing plan including social sites, blog and relaunch of Pulse! Magazine online as the Editor-in-Chief).


  • Conceptualized, planned and executed an original niche model in the eCommerce/Direct Marketing retail space. Wall Street Journal survey of retail experts and average shoppers named Red Trumpet in a list of favorite consumer shopping sites, alongside Amazon and eBay 18 months after launch.

  • Sold/exited company


  • The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) 2019 -

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA

  • Advanced Google Analytics, Google 2018

  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing 2018

  • Salesforce Trailhead 2020 -

  • Microsoft Learn 2020 -

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